Paint the future

Paint the future

In a bid to make social impact and improve youth engagement in society, we are excited to inform you that our annual campaign often organized quarterly, is set to kick off, with paint the future as the year round theme.

PTF is a new social enterprise with a daring mission to re imagine how creativity through designs can positively affect our communities. PTF presents an opportunity to advocate for social causes and facilitate the recreation of a new future for ourselves and the unborn by adopting strategic initiatives that will represent diverse social sects, in an attempt to reach out to every individual.

Understanding that people gravitate their physical, mental and creative strength towards movements that are inclusive; we aim to bring together creatives from diverse fields, who are socially conscious to represent and give voice to the voiceless and serve as reality check through inventive creations.

We therefore look to collaborate with designers within these disciplines, who are willing to apply their set skills to drive positive change in the society;

Brand Identity

Graphic Design



Installations & Wayfinding


Website Design

Content Strategy



There will be a design workshop to facilitate this cause. This workshop is an opportunity to confer with like minds and create compelling designs that will make notable impacts. Interested persons should register

Venue: Mesh Media Lab

Date: 29th February, 2020

Time: 2pm

DATE: Feb 29th, 2020