What do we aim to create?

We are a nonprofit organization interested in mapping causes around the region with the intent of gathering data for social good in order to tailor solutions to local problems. We are mobilizing and encouraging individuals to play an active role in their governance and administration because we the people make the country.


Our Mission

To possess accurate and relevant data of 100 million Nigerians by 2020; and 500 million Africans by 2025. Utilize said data to streamline the political process in Africa by encouraging active citizen involvement and providing accurate insights to leaders.

Utilize said data to provide targeted insights about customers and clients to businesses and corporations bearing in mind user anonymity.

Our Vision

To harness the transformative power of data to transform followership, leadership, businesses and lives in Africa.

VOICES is a platform created to assist the I am Vocal cause mappingfeature, in collating and aggregating the generated data. On the VOICESplatform, citizens report on what is happening in their communities; issuesthat are of the utmost concern, and post them. The platform thenaggregates the data and lumps them into broad issues like civic rights,gender equality, social norms, environment, security, employment and jobsecurity, entrepreneurship policies, law enforcement brutality and so on.

The State of the nation

The State of the nation

Relive the moments

Relive the moments

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Join a large community of clapham omnibus who are passionate about changing the status quo in our society, volunteering with us is an opportunity to serve mankind and also improve your skills set. Be a part of our community of social good advocates.

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