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About Us

The I_AMVOCAL Organization is concerned with improving youth engagement in community leadership and stewardship through technology, advocacy and related creative offerings. The founders of I_AMVOCAL believe that to appropriately engage youths, elements of contemporary culture e.g. social media and music must be welded to the actual levers that move society, for example, polling booths and grassroots mobilization.

We are a community of people who have decided to let their voices be heard in matters concerning their governance as well as their overall wellbeing. We believe that when people trust the system of selection of their leaders, they would be active participants in their governance

Never before has there been such silence in our communities that the silence has become so deafening and we can't afford to keep quiet anymore. We are a community of change agents who believe in civilized discourse and consequent necessary action needed for effecting positive change in our society as well as delivering the dividends of good governance to the people

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What we have done

Our Approach

We have built a transparent system of conducting elections and getting opinions of citizens on matters that concern them powered by the concept of the blockchain which is hinged on transparency and verifiability of transactions on the system.

Community engagement activities to spur action and active participation in the governance process. We engage in physical community-building activities so as to foster active participation in societal issues.

Our Mission

To possess accurate and relevant data of 100 million Nigerians by 2020; and 500 million Africans by 2025. Utilize said data to streamline the political process in Africa by encouraging active citizen involvement and providing accurate insights to leaders.

Utilize said data to provide targeted insights about customers and clients to businesses and corporations bearing in mind user anonymity.

Our Vision

To harness the transformative power of data to transform followership, leadership, businesses and lives in Africa.